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Consultant, UX/UI Designer

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Design Strategy

Starts with an idea. Following best practices, we help you gain insight into the people, the market and the growth you need to have a successful product.

brand and ui design

UI & Brand Design

Stunning designs are essential to your product’s functionality and brand story. Our expertise will guide design with the best innovation in mind.

Web Design

Providing the best, innovative concepts in digital for your project or product to drive growth and make a remarkable impression. Development options available.

Featured Projects

designer antonio samuels


Antonio Samuels

A native of Charleston, SC residing in Columbia, SC for over 20 years. A King of the Hill, Psych, Bernie Mac Show and Matlock enthusiast. Bright colored Puma wearing aficionado. Most importantly a passionate designer with a creative eye for visual design. Antonio has a career that spans 10+ years in the design industry creating work for individuals, small, large and startup businesses.

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designer antonio samuels

Why CoDesign

Whether you're in need of a website which makes an impact or marketing materials that will grab the attention of potential customers, CoDesign is the company for you. We will listen carefully to your needs before creating bespoke designs which are perfect for you and your business. Collaborating with small, large and startup businesses to define and implement innovative solutions.

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